Meininger Huetes (Dumplings)

A legend has it that the Thuringian Dumpling ‘annus et dies’ was developed in Meiningen. The originator of the recipe is said to have given it to the mayor of the time with the words:

“Here, you now have the recipe – Huet es! (Guard it!)”

Since then, the dumplings are simply named, in Meiningen and its surroundings, as Huetes or Huet’s (pronounced hoot’s)

Peel large and floury potatoes,
Boil and stir half of the potatoes to a clear pulp
Grate the other half and press out well
Let the starch settle

Grate half the potato quantity finely, and mix with the settled starch and a little salt – then blanch the mixture with the boiled mash (best done twice) and stir immediately with a wooden spoon, until the mixture no longer adheres to the spoon. Next, form the dumplings per hand, remembering to keep the hands wet! Lay the formed dumplings gently into very hot (but not quite boiling) water. Allow to simmer.
They are ready when they ‘rise’.

To improve the shape, you may place a croûton in the middle of each. 3 potatoes make one dumpling.

Good luck and enjoy your meal!

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